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Math3ma was originally created as a tool to help me transition from undergraduate to graduate level mathematics. Quite often, I find that the ideas of math are hidden behind a dense fog of formalities and technical jargon. Much of my transition process has been (and still is!) learning how to fight through this fog in order to clearly see the ideas, concepts, and notions which lie beneath. Throughout this process, I've found that writing helps immensely. And eventually I figured, "Why not put this on the web?" in hopes that others may find the content here helpful as well.

With that said, most entries on this blog are divided into two sections:


a brief (and mostly non-technical) introduction to the main topic


an elaboration of The Basic Idea via mathematics

You'll find shorter, more informal entries stashed in The Back Pocket. These posts consist of little tips, tricks, and tidbits which emphasize intuition rather than formality. 

If you're interested, click here to read more on Math3ma in my first post.

By the way, my name is Tai-Danae Bradley. (It's nice to meet you!) I'm a PhD candidate in mathematics at the CUNY Graduate Center. My advisor is John Terilla, and my research interests lie in algebraic topology and category theory.

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PS: All photos/graphics are mine unless otherwise stated.