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Math3ma was originally created as a tool to help me transition from undergraduate to graduate level mathematics. Quite often, I'd find that the ideas of math are hidden behind a dense fog of formalities and technical jargon. Much of my transition process was (and still is!) learning how to fight through this fog in order to clearly see the ideas, concepts, and notions which lie beneath. Throughout this process I learned that writing —and drawing! —helps immensely. Eventually I decided to share my writings and doodles on the web in hopes that others may find them helpful as well.

My name is Tai-Danae Bradley. (It's nice to meet you!) I'm a PhD candidate in mathematics at the CUNY Graduate Center. My advisor is John Terilla, and my research interests include category theory and quantum physics. Recently, I wrote a little booklet called What is Applied Category Theory? It's now free on the arXiv!