A New Perspective of Entropy

Hello world! Last summer I wrote a short paper entitled "Entropy as a Topological Operad Derivation," which describes a small but interesting connection between information theory, abstract algebra, and topology. I blogged about it here in June 2021, and the paper was later published in an open-access journal called Entropy in September 2021. In short, it describes a correspondence between Shannon entropy and functions on topological simplices that obey a version of the Leibniz rule from calculus, which I call "derivations of the operad of topological simplices," hence the title.

By what do those words mean? And why is such a theorem interesting?

To help make the ideas more accessible, I've recently written a new article aimed at a wide audience to explain it all from the ground up. I'm very excited to share it with you! It's entitled "A New Perspective of Entropy," and a trailer video is below:

As mentioned in the video, the reader is not assumed to have prior familiarity with the words "information theory" or "abstract algebra" or "topology" or even "Shannon entropy." All these ideas are gently introduced from the ground up.

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